Nature-strip in lilydale topping

Nature-strip mini makeover. Our client was after a maintenance free option. Here we removed all of the lawn and replaced with lilydale topping. First we excavated the area. Then the crushed rock (road base). Now out comes the wacker plate to make sure the rock is nice and compact. We do this to reduce any movement.

Now the fun and rewarding part…laying the lilydale topping. We spread out the topping and run over with the wacker plate to achieve a compact and level outcome.

This is the difference between an average job and a great job. We aim for a great job every time.

Raised Garlic Garden Bed

Garlic! If you have ever grown garlic you know that it can feel like it takes for ever…so here we have created a raised garden bed on the outside wall of the main vegetable garden. This way the chickens can still go into the large veggie patch in the winter months. Happy Chickens, happy garlic and happy gardener!