Amazing results using the moon as a guide to planting vegetables.


Are your vegetable crops producing a low volume of produce? Is the produce small or turning to seed quickly? Or just not growing at all. It might be the time you are sowing or transplanting your precious little plants. Here are some tips to planting by the moon for large, healthier crops.

Leafy Plants – When sowing or transplanting plants like lettuce, spinach, cabbage and celery (leafy type vegetables), it is suggested by many that the new moon phase is the best time;

Root Crops – When it comes to our root crops like carrots, beets and parsnips the full moon phase provides ideal conditions;

Preparing Soil – As for the last quarter phase now is the best time to improving soil, making compost and digging or ploughing. This is also a great time for weeding.

While there is no scientific evidence that planting by the moon works, many people nonetheless believe that it does…Why not give it a go, you may just double your crop.

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3 Organic methods to get rid of garden weeds:

3 Organic methods to get rid of garden weeds:

Spring is here and our gardens are in full bloom. Unfortunately, our blossoms, veggies and herbs aren’t the only things that love this time of year. Every gardener knows weeds are part of gardening no matter how diligently you care for your garden. When removing weeds, it can be hard to tell which are your seedlings and which are the weeds, this is why I like to get them [weeds] early.

Because weeds left unchecked can take over your garden fairly quickly, and I get that you might be thinking I wish my flowering plants and vegetable grew this quick. I find myself wondering the same thing while weeding. Another reason to remove weeds is that they can absorb precious water and nutrients meant for your garden.

So, before your weeds get to this stage here are 3 organic ways to get rid those garden weeds:

  1. Pull them out (I get it you are thinking…that sounds like hard work). Tools are a practical way to ease the weed-removal process, and make sure to keep a bucket next to you during your weed removal to reduce the spread of the seeds.
  2. Scald them (pour the boiling water from your pasta, remember must be boiling. Only use on paths and driveways not garden beds)
  3. Build a Chook house and raise chickens – Make sure you protect the plants you want to keep as these digging, eating machines will eat your weeds, the seeds and your garden. A portable chook house is ideal for this.


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